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LMAF Training Center, LMAF,RMP, DMS, DMA, Pharmacy Course,Paramedical, Village Doctor Course in Mirpur, Dhaka, Bangladesh. Mobile No: 01987-073965

Training Courses: LMAF, RMP, LMAFP, DMS, DMA, Pharmacy Course, Pharmacist, Paramedical. Mobile No: 01987-073965,  01797-522136.

The above image: Course fee and course duration of RMP, LMAF, DMS, DMA, Paramedical, DPM, Diploma in Paramedical, DMDS, Diploma in Medicine and Diploma in Surgery, Pharmacy Course, Dental Course, Nursing Course, Pathology Course, Physiotherapy Course, Post Paramedical Courses of HRTD Medical Institute.

The below image: Human Skeleton. Clearly visible long bones of Human Body.

The Below Video: 

LMAF Course Training Center: LMAF, RMP, Village doctor short course in Mirpur, Dhaka, Bangladesh.
Our all trainers are MBBS doctors. We have Morning batch, Evening batch and Friday batch for the job holder students. Our Mobile No: 01797-522136. 01987-073965.

The below video: Class lecture of Dr. Ruznin Nahar, MBBS, PGT. LMAF Training Center of HRTD Medical Institute. Mobile No: 01987-073965.  01797-522136.

Paramedical Course Training Center: Paramedical, DMA, DMS, DPM are available in HRTD Medical Institute.
We have morning batch, evening batch, and Friday batch for job holder students. Mobile No: 01987-073965. 01797-522136. 

LMAF Course : It is one kind of polli chikitsok training course of duration 6 month only. LMAF course contains 5 subjects including human anatomy & physiology, pharmacology, first aid, microbiology & pathology and practice of medicine. Total cost for this course is tk 12500 including admission fee, monthly fees, exam fee and practical fee. Meaning of LMAF is Local Medical Assistant & Family Welfare. Qualification for admission into the LMAF course is SSC or Equivalent, HSC, Bachelor Degree or Master Degree.

LMAFP course: LMAFP course is a kind of polli chikitsok course of duration eight months. LMAF Course contains 7 subjects including anatomy & physiology, pharmacology-1, first aid, microbiology & pathology, practice of medicine-1, family planning and practice of medicine-2. Meaning of LMAFP is Local Medical Assistant & Family Planning. Qualification for admission into the LMAFP course is SSC or Equivalent, HSC, Bachelor Degree or Master Degree.

RMP course: Rural Medical Practitioner. It is a village doctor or polli chikitsok course of duration 3 months only . This course contains 5 subjects including anatomy & physiology, pharmacology, microbiology & pathology, first aid and practice of medicine. Minimum qualification SSC and having experience of medical science.  

Pharmacy Course Training Center: Pharmacy Course 6 Months, Pharmacy Course 1 Year, Certificate in Pharmacy Course 1 Year, Diploma in Pharmacy Course 2 Years. All Pharmacy Short Courses and Long Courses are available in our institute. Please contact us on: 01987-073965 or 01797-522136.

The below image: Class lecture of Rabeya Tabassum Tumpa, M. Pharm, A-Grade Pharmacist, Pharmacy Council of Bangladesh. Pharmacy Course Training of HRTD Medical Institute, Mirpur-10, Golchattar, Dhaka-1216. Mobile No: 01987-073965,  01797-522136.

Dr. Sakulur Rahman, MBBS, CCD (BIRDEM)

                Course Director

Dr. Md. Abdul Gafur (Nabi)

MBBS,MPH,Ex Civil Surgeon

Principal,HRTD Medical Institute

Dr. Asma Hoque Sumi, MBBS, PGT 

Dr. Nurunnahar Keya, BDS, PGT
Dr. S. M. Samsur Rahman, BHMS (DU)
Dr. Ruznin Nahar, MBBS, PGT
Dr. Tasmiah Tabassum Toma, MBBS 

Dr. Ruhul Ambia Palash, MBBS

Md. Israfil Hossain, DMLT, DPM

Dr. Saddam Hossain, MBBS, PGT

The below video of HRTD:Corona virus Lecture-1:

DMA : Diploma in Medical Assistant. A short diploma or paramedical course in Bangladesh. This course contains 10 subjects. Duration of this course is one year. 

DMS: Diploma in Medicine & Surgery. A short diploma course or paramedical course in Bangladesh. This course contains 10 Subjects. Duration of this course is one year. The basic difference of DMA & DMS is one subject name Surgery-1.
Paramedical: A one year paramedical course. This course is very popular in the World. This course also contain 10 subjects. 
DPM: Diploma in Paramedical. A paramedical or short diploma course of 2 years duration. This course contains 20 subjects. There are 4 semester. Each semester contains 6 Months. 5 subjects are to be studied in each semester. 
Certificate in Paramedics: A short paramedical of one year duration. Two examinations are held in one year. First examination after 6 Months and Second examination after 1 Year.

Pathology Course Training Center: We provide here pathology course training. Duration or Courses are 1 year, 2 years and 3 years.

Nursing Course Training Center: We provide nursing course training. The Nursing courses are Nursing Assistant, Nursing Course, Diploma in Nursing Assistant, Diploma in Nursing. Duration of Nursing are 1 year, 2 years and 3 years. Condition of Admission: Minimum SSC Pass or equivalent in any years but age of student must below 40.

Grammo doctor course in Mirpur, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Physiotherapy Course Training Center: We provide Physiotherapy training courses. Duration of Courses are 1 year, 2 years, and 4 years. 

Veterinary Courses Training Center in Mirpur, Dhaka, Bangladesh: We provide veterinary course training. The Veterinary Course are LMA Vet, RMP Vet, Paramedical Vet, DMA Vet, DPM Vet and DMDS Vet. Duration of Veterinary Courses are 6 Months, 1 Year, 2 Years and 4 Years.

Best LMAF, RMP Training Center and Paramedical College:

We provide and ensure quality education and training for our students. Day after day numbers of students in our LMAF training center and Paramedical College.

What is LMAF ?

Ans: LMAF is a very shot course in medical science. It is a training course. LMAF stands for "Local Medical Assistant & Family welfare" . After completing this course you can provide superficial primary treatment against human diseases. Medical Science is a vast area of study where 6 months is very short time. Some hand works such as pushing injection, pushing canula, pushing, pushing iv saline, inhalation, rotahalation, nabulization, cleaning, dressing, bandaging, strching etc are availabe in LMAF course. 

Students are available in LMAF Training Center of HRTD Medical Institute from Gazipur, Tongi, Uttara, SaVar, Manikgonj, Jatrabari, Mohammedpur, Dhanmondi, Newmarket, Azimpur, Kolabagan, Farmgate, Midford, Gulshan, Banani, Mohakhali,Tajgaon and Narayongonj. They are coming from a distance place because of our popularity and goodwill. 


Our Address :
LMAF Training Center
[ HRTD Medical Institute]

Abdul Ali Madbor Mansion

Section-6, Block-Kha, Road-1, Plot- 11,
Mirpur-10 Roundabout, Dhaka-1216.
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Mobile No: 01987-210818 ,  01784-572173, 01987-073965, 01797-522136

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